Chillakaya is a combination of the love of Reggae music and a unique upbeat island style energy that touches on many styles of music. 

Kemwa Z the vocalist and bass player of Chillakaya brings across a rich Antiguan flavor with his lyrical curves. Growing up in Old Road on the beautiful island of Antigua his islandenergy is upbeat and fun to dance too. Definitely a new style on the scene .

Dave Philip "The General" is  the drummer for Chillakaya. as well as back up vocals. Kemwa and Dave are brothers both from the island  of Antigua. They have been playing together for years, Dave has a pocket style that creates a heartbeat flow of  sound from his drums. When the brothers lock the urge to dance fills the air.

 Lia De manager and keyboard player of Chillakaya is from New York. After years of training to be a professional dancer she changed paths a bit and began to find great love in playing live music.Although her heart was set on Broadway her path was redirected  and she now shares her love of dance within the music she plays ..