Chillakaya is a Reggae fusion band based out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The group is made up of three musicians.Their music style is Reggae Fusion/Soca/Dancehall/Rock Steady

Kemwa Z

Lead Vocals/Bass

Originally from the island of Antigua he brings across rich Antiguan flavor with his lyrical style. He also plays a 5 string Steinberger bass. Kemwa has always blended with music and is the founder of Chillakaya.


Dave Philip "The General"

Drummer/Vocals Background/Lead

Dave has a pocket style that creates a heartbeat flow that locks in with the bass smoothly. Music is his way of life.


Lia De


Originally from New York.She began playing piano as a child and now enjoys the style of playing Reggae keyboard. Lia also handles scheduling and social media

For Chillakaya.


Contact Information:

Lia De